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  • John Casey

    I would love to see any sessions on the Kecksburg Incident of
    December 9, 1965. I lived right near there as a boy.

  • Simeon

    Good idea. I’m very curious about it myself.

  • Dane Mutters

    I’ve had some past experience with teleportation, but was never very good with it. A friend of mine was able to teleport a couple of miles on one occasion, but received a massive headache for his trouble. I personally managed to step across to the target area, but upon stepping on an acorn (which made a loud noise), lost my concentration. Most of my attempts allowed the formation of a “quasi-portal,” but not much more. It’s been many years since I’ve made such attempts.

    My question is this–well several, actually:
    1) Have you, personally, successfully teleported before? If not, do you (personally) know credible people who have?
    2) Would you be willing to write instructions for any method(s) that you have seen work, without charging for the ability to read them? I simply can’t pay hundreds of dollars to gain access to such info (or for much of anything, for that matter).
    3) Can you improve on my/my friend’s method? It is thus (with eyes opened or closed:
    A) Clear your mind of distractions.
    B) Remember the place you’ve been, to which you want to teleport.
    C) Focus intensely on 3 objects in that place; you will end up near/between them.
    D) When ready, physically step forward, into the target area.

    Since my success has been minimal, I suspect that this method is not well-suited for me (though it has worked for my friend and several of his family members).

    I don’t know how much of this kind of instruction you are willing to part with for free; this seems like a highly commercial endeavor for you (which I have some minor qualms with, admittedly), but I would be very grateful if you could post a proven method (or several) that you’ve verified works.

    Thanks for your time!


  • LM

    My question is , I’ve noticed a bright starlike twinkling light in the sky which appears closer and brighter than normal. This evening instead of one such light, there were two. When I posed this question on the web, the response was it is Venus, Jupiter, Sirius or even Saturn. I don’t recall ever seeing something like this before. Does anyone have any info on what these acutally are?

  • LM

    Is it ever possible to remote view a target that you know in advance or must the target always be unknown to the viewer? Also would you be
    willing to give some free lessons on the timeline and remote viewing
    backward or forward in time? This is a very interesting subject which I
    haven’t seen any information on.


  • E.W.

    Hello Simeon,

    A while ago I started an RV course taught by a woman who does RV. I only got as far as the first test. I viewed and saw a farmhouse and a child and a school, boots and mud, a bunch of different things. They all seemed to have a lot of color and vivid detail. Thing was her target had nothing to do with anything I saw in my mind. IS it common or normal for a person starting out to see and feel things which have nothing to do with the target? The things I experienced seemed real and solid to me so I am a bit confused?

  • Simeon

    Good questions. We all see things not related to the target, even advanced viewers. But it’s more complicated than that. The subconscious often communicates to our conscious mind in terms of symbols, metaphors, and word play. It’s just trying to get attention. Without some focused training on your part, you won’t know if that’s what you’re getting or not.

    In a viewing session, it’s not always so cut-and-dry as saying your results or clearly right or wrong. Often, it’s in the middle and you have to look at your perceptions more objectively. Go beyond what’s in the picture, because that’s what your subconscious mind does in an attempt to accurately describe it.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  • Bob Parks

    On target one and two, my ideogram was almost perfectly identical. Why so is what I would like to know. Target two was more accurate than Target one.

  • JOE

    i have sleeping problems and usually started taking melatonin with other natural sleeping pills . and i also wear ear plugs to block out noise so i can get a good night sleep .
    what happened was i awoke in the middle of the night i looked at my clock it was around 3:10 am but awoke to hearing my brother inlaw having a conversation with someone else maybe my sister , about me and other things im doing or have done . it was loud and clear but was coming into my right ear only and i was startled by it , but i didnt worry about it and said to myself let him keep talking and lets see what more he has to keep saying .
    it went on for about nearly a minute long . his voice was coming in faded then stronger as his sentence was getting bigger and then fading as he was finishing . i found this very interesting and said to my self maybe i have tapped into some kind of remote listening ? is this even possible is it a real thing ?
    my brother inlaw lives far away . and i sleep in my own bedroom with the door closed . after the incident i took my earplugs out and listened to see if there was anyone in the house or outside talking and there was nothing .
    this is not the first time this has happened , its also happened long time before i started taking melatonin or sleeping pills .