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by Simeon on February 2, 2011

SimeonHey, it’s Simeon here.  Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! You can get your Viewing Access RIGHT NOW with Virtual Insight 2 online class. You’ll learn all the basics of viewing with no hassles, boring exercises, or unnecessary filler. This is 100 percent pure content. I’ll show you EVERYTHING you need to know including:

  • How to describe the colors, shapes, sizes, and other qualities of distant objects people, places, and events
  • How to move your mind around in space and time
  • Maximize your natural intelligence
  • Greatly improve your intuition, creativity, and spontaneity
  • Learn how to fine-tune your “sixth sense”
  • Fifteen years of my experience condensed in a one-week course!
  • Guaranteed results or your money-back 100% 30-day promise.

This course has gotten rave reviews. As one participant said: “This is a totally awesome experience……WOW!! Everyone needs to try this.” 

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  • Dr. Conny Young

    Dear Dr. Hein,
    I’ve been interested in R.V. for some time and read a couple of books, looked at various courses, and even purchased one which reported itself as the “Gold Standard.” I made a couple of attempts at remote viewing, but with little success. I did the exercise and had what I would call a success. I scribbled a note on the page: “I don’t think this worked.” Then I viewed the target on your video. I was surprised at how accurate my drawings were, and how accurate most of my descriptive terms were. I did have some analytical overlay comments (labeled as such), and was unable to say what the target was, but there it was on your computer screen. I’ll be looking forward to working on this further.

  • Simeon

    Great work Conny. Keep it up. I’ve got some more challenging on RV courses online, when you are ready for it. But there’s no rush. An incremental approach is the best.

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